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It’s not enough for your commercial or residential property to be well-manicured or redesigned — it also needs to have trees, plants, and other shrubbery that are beautiful and healthy. 4th Generation Landscaping and Design can help clients in the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area care for their trees and similar greenery additions to their properties. Our landscaping contractors can help not only improve the aesthetic value of your property but also ensure it is free of tripping hazards, storm damage, and other dangers.

Let our fourth-generation-run family business care for your Charlotte property with the expertise of an organization that’s been in business for over 25 years. Let us help you with your trees, plants, and other shrubberies now!

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Inside Our Tree Removal & Trimming Services

A primary goal of our Charlotte landscaping management company is to ensure the trees on your residential and commercial property are growing well and don’t pose any hazards. Whether you’re interested in seeking this service in addition to general landscaping restoration projects, or would like us to focus solely on your trees, 4th Generation Landscaping and Design can help. Our local landscaping contractors are determined to help keep you, your friends or family, your clients, and passers-by safe.

As well-experienced professionals in this field, we understand how beautiful landscaping features — like trees and shrubs — can quickly become dangerous. Contact us today and we’ll inspect and identify hazardous tree conditions and perform next steps to deal with them.

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Similar Services From Our North Carolina Landscaping Contractors

While our landscaping management company can assist with the removal and trimming of unsafe trees on your property, our service doesn't stop there. 4th Generation Landscaping and Design can also help both residential and commercial clients with their plant or tree installation projects; taking care of overgrown shrubs and trees is another area our landscaping contractors can help with. Trust our professionals to manage any type of project your property may need, including:

  • General Landscaping & Yard Restoration

  • Mulch Sale & Installation

  • Debris Hauling

  • Heavy Duty Landscape Cleanup

  • Tilling and Aeration Packages (including seeds, fertilizer, lime, and topsoil/compost if necessary)

  • Pine Needle, and Topsoil/Compost Installation

  • Bush, Ivy, and Weed Removal

Get in touch with 4th Generation Landscaping and Design today to reap the rewards of quick turnaround times and experience the personal touch of a long-term family business.

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Benefits of Working With 4th Generation Landscaping and Design

Picking the right landscaping management company to handle your Charlotte area projects is key to receiving the results you deserve. 4th Generation Landscaping and Design is a local business that has been serving our community for over 25 years. We are passionate about helping the landscaping around your home or business look its best through our chemical-free, organic processes and extreme attention to detail. In addition to providing affordable rates — based on the size of your property and the amount of labor and resources necessary — the materials we use are free of dye and chemicals, keeping your lawn healthy.

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