Should I Hire A Professional To Care For My Trees?

When you’re a homeowner, caring for your yard is a normal part of your routine, but sometimes, certain aspects of your yard need more care and attention than others. While many trees can be easy to care for and simply left alone to grow, some require trimming, maintenance, and specialized attention. Here are four factors to consider if you’re not sure about hiring a professional to care for your trees. At 4th Generation Landscaping and Design, we’re here to help when you need professional tree services!

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a tree with a broken limb

Know When They Need Care or Removal

First and foremost, if you think one of your trees is struggling, creating an unsafe environment, or has sustained significant damage from a recent storm, you need to know if the tree should be removed or if it can be saved. Many trees that may look fine are also potential safety hazards, while many trees that look like they’re struggling could be fine. It’s important to work with the professionals to understand what to look for and when to get the tree safely removed.

cutting a small limb

Get Access to The Right Equipment

If you’re working to care for the trees in your yard, one of the most important parts of providing the right kind of care is ensuring that you have the right tools for the job. When you need to trim your tree, mulch around the trunk, or even remove the tree altogether, using the right equipment will make the job quicker, easier, and more efficient! Professionals have the right tools and can take care of the hard work for you.

fallen branches from a tree

Don't Endanger Your Trees or Yard

One of the most important parts of caring for your trees is knowing when they’re unsafe or making your outdoor spaces unsafe. If a tree is growing near a powerline, has sustained storm damage, or the roots are growing above ground, 4th Generation Landscaping and Design can help with expert removals to ensure your yard is safe!

chainsaw next to tree wood

Safety First

Of course, making sure that your home is safe is key when it comes to tree care. When you work with the professionals at 4th Generation Landscaping and Design, we provide expert insight into whether your trees are safe to keep around and how to keep them growing safely for your property!

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