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Welcome to our hardwood mulch installation service — the perfect solution to enhance the visual appeal and health of your garden. At 4th Generation Landscaping and Design, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy garden, and our team of skilled experts specializes in installing top-quality hardwood mulch that promotes soil health, improves the aesthetics of your garden, and simplifies maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful and uniform garden bed or seeking to prevent weed growth and soil erosion, our hardwood mulch installation service in Charlotte & Greensboro, NC offers you the benefits of our expert landscaping company’s knowledge and experience. So don’t wait, get in touch with 4th Generation Landscaping and Design today to get started with hardwood mulch installation services!

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Our Mulch Installation Services

4th Generation Landscaping and Design provide the mulch installation services you need in Charlotte & Greensboro! We offer top-quality hardwood mulch installation services to both commercial and residential clients. Our experienced team of landscapers knows how to properly mulch your property for maximum benefits while also maintaining the aesthetics of the landscape.

Our hardwood mulch is of the highest quality, created from organic materials that will enrich your soil and help your plants thrive. And with our years of experience, we’re confident you will love our mulch installation services. We’ll help ensure that you’ll get the maximum benefit from your hardwood mulch and improve the look of your landscape. Contact our landscaping company in Charlotte & Greensboro for high-quality mulch installation at affordable pricing today!

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Hardwood Mulch Maintenance

Hardwood mulch is a natural and effective way to improve the appearance and health of your garden, but it does require regular maintenance to achieve its full potential. Our landscaping company offers a wide variety of landscaping and landscape maintenance services, so we’re always ready to assist with mulch maintenance when needed!

Mulch should be regularly replenished — we recommend mulching twice a year — and our team can handle all the mulch delivery and installation process. Replenishing your mulch will keep your garden healthy and looking its best year-round. Raking the mulch periodically can prevent it from becoming too compacted and allow air and water to circulate in the soil.

Weed control is also an important part of hardwood mulch maintenance. Although hardwood mulch is effective at suppressing weeds, it’s important to keep an eye out for any that do emerge. If you notice any weeds, just get in touch with 4th Generation Landscaping and Design and ask about our removal services!

Why Hardwood Mulch?

At 4th Generation Landscaping and Design, we offer hardwood mulch installation services for the many benefits hardwood mulch offers as an addition to any garden or flowerbed. It is created from shredded hardwood trees including oak, hickory, and maple wood.


Moisture Retention

When you choose our hardwood mulch installation services, it can help retain moisture in your garden which can help your plants survive any dry spells. The mulch can also help prevent soil erosion caused by heavy rains.


Weed Suppression

Hardwood mulch can suppress weeds by blocking the sunlight from reaching the soil beneath. By maintaining a weed-free garden, your plants will have fewer competitors for water and nutrients.


Soil Enrichment

Hardwood mulch is an excellent way to enrich the soil. As it breaks down over time, it releases valuable nutrients into the soil which can help your plants thrive.


Temperature Regulation

Hardwood mulch can help regulate soil temperature. During hot weather, the mulch will keep the soil cool, and in the winter, it will help to insulate the soil and protect it from the cold.


Garden Aesthetics

Our hardwood mulch installation services in Charlotte & Greensboro are popular because it is a natural-looking material that gives any garden an attractive and cohesive appearance.

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional hardwood mulch installation service for your property, look no further than 4th Generation Landscaping and Design. We are committed to providing top-quality landscaping services to help your outdoor space thrive. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

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