What Are the Advantages of Mulching?

What Are the Advantages of Mulching?

Even your lawn needs a good meal. From providing critical nutrients to protection from extreme weather, mulching is a tried and true method for improving the quality of your overall landscaping. 4th Generational Landscaping and Design in Charlotte, NC, is here to talk about the key advantages of mulching and why you should do it, too! Learn more about the excellent landscaping services we can provide for you today.

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It Prevents Soil Compaction and Erosion

Mulching provides a natural foundation for your soil not to erode drastically over time. In addition, the mulch can hinder soil from pressing together, allowing for water infiltration through the space pockets that help natural drainage.

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Suppresses Weeds

Weeds genuinely are the worst for any lawn and garden. Thankfully, a thick layer of mulch provides a barrier of protection that helps prevent weed seeds from planting and growing in dirt. Mulch also helps hinder sunlight for the weeds to grow.

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Captures and Retains Moisture in Soil

Strong moisture retention is a trait that will help your plants through thick and thin. If the forecast predicts an upcoming dry week or drought, a well-mulched landscape will be more prepared than formal lawns due to its ability to capture and retain moisture. The water you use to water the plants will also be more optimized when they have a foundation of mulch.

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Protects Roots and Plant Crowns From Extreme Weather

The heat that mulch retains helps protect your established and growing root system. Mulching also helps during colder seasons, as the soil placed under it won’t freeze as quickly, allowing for water absorption for your plants.

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